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yum1n, web
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TnMch, web
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Is a feature made to be abused ? so hacking !

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sqrtrev, web, misc
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I want to be a cat

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skwid, dev, rev

i like everyone our team

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sapra, web, mobile, re
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System architecture and Security enthusiast. I like breaking web :D

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rkm0959 , crypto
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i don't know how to hack stuff

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Renwa, xss
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The world itself is the will to power and nothing else! And you yourself are the will to power and nothing else!

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rbtree, rev, crypto
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I'm a reversing guy. Doing crypto tho.

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r4j, pwn
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parrot, web,pwn
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I don't know what to put here.

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okas832, rev
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Trust your senses and victory will follow.

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kileak, pwn

Guessing flags since 2015...

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hk, pwn
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freediving & infosec

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gamma4, Page Not Found
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I'm here because I love CTFs.

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circleous, none
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master of none. member of yeon, rkm, and faith fan club.

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bbbig, pwn, rev
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Wanna solve ctf challenges? Just Guess!

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ash3r, web

sunrin 20th

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as3617, web, guessing
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I have 1337 exploits about chrome 0day. plz contact me.

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Faith, pwn
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I write exploits in JS ;) Proud member of the rbtree and rkm fan clubs

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stamparm, misc
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"I am a f*cking princess"